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How do I get a quote?

Please see our Process page.

How do our prices compare to the big stores?

Well, we have been around for a long time now, people often get quotes from the national stores so our prices are always being compared…. you could look at it, if our prices wasn’t competitive then how have we been running for more than 25 years and continue to grow year-after-after… so we must be doing something right I guess.

We are always seeing other quotes from all different companies, we know FOR SURE our prices are very competitive but also we try to make people aware of what they are getting from us also i.e. quality, service etc..

If a car dealer was offering you a brand new Mercedes at the same or close cost to a Ford Fiesta… what would you go for?

What does a kitchen cost these days?

Please go to our kitchen calculator page.

Do you offer any finance?

Sorry folks! Unfortunately we don’t…

But this does enable us to offer consistent and very competitive prices. This is often asked by the younger generations understandably, there are some great loan/card deals out there offering very low APR, combining this with our low prices normally works out better anyway.  We do accept all major credits with no extra charge.

Where are your cabinets from?

The years of experience within the industry has enabled us to carefully source the highest quality components from world leading manufacturers. We feel we bring together the best of the best to create probably the best quality and value for money product you will find. Our carcases are UK manufactured specifically designed by ourselves to create some unique features which so far have found NO-ONE else offers. Our kitchen doors / accessories are sourced from the best in the Industry, a world class Italian supply chain, so rest assure you are getting the VERY BEST QUALITY.

Hinges & drawers – are German Quality manufactured from a leading supplier, who are known for producing the most reliable and highest grade components.. They are really FIRST CLASS!!!   

Offering a **25 YEAR GUARANTEE**

What installation services do you offer?

We are a one-stop shop’ offering the full service which a lot of our competitors don’t, we do it all from start to finish making your life as easy as possible. It starts off, we will remove & dispose of your existing kitchen, carry out all the preliminary works – electrics, plumbing, gas, plastering… the carpentry of the actual furniture… wall tiling & even the flooring (subject to type/area)

If there’s anything else which maybe required, I’m sure we can accommodate also… please just ask!

When will you install my kitchen?

We generally have a healthy order book throughout the year which is encouraging, we are working on an average 2-3months lead time typically as a guide… though there has been times in the recent years where we’ve been booked up for 8-9months in advance!! WOW!

How long will it take to install my kitchen?

This all depends on the size of the kitchen obviously and the work involved, kitchens seem to be more complex nowadays and peoples requirements of what they want certainly has increased.

An average kitchen years ago used to be about a week – start Monday & finish on the Friday.

This happens very little now – I would say the average is 7-10 working days as a guide.

How are your kitchens so competitively priced for an independent retailer?

It is often thought that an independent retailer is going to be more expensive than maybe one of the national retailers, from our years of experience in the trade the truth is often the opposite in actual fact, based on our prices anyway!

We know it is a competitive industry so we are always conscious of our prices, constantly trying to find ways our making ourselves more efficient in many different ways. Unlike most of the bigger stores, our staff are NOT commission based.. so therefore that is an extra margin which you folks don’t have to pay for.  Also there has been several opportunities before… where we could expand to a far larger premises… though this means more overheads, which ultimately has to be paid for – by you!!  We try to keep a nice happy medium where we have a reasonably size premises which works well for us but also enables us to offer our customers a very competitive product & service – less overheads, = better prices for you!

Do you offer a range of appliances?

Yes we do, we offer a brand called Caple. They are built-in appliance specialists and only mainly deal with independent retailers, so you may have not of heard of them for that reason. We have been using them for many years and we are very confident in offering these to our customers. We have tried & tested pretty much all the other brands but for whatever reason we ourselves are not happy with them – we only want to offer an appliance range that we can comfortably say we are confident in.  Caple tick all the boxes for us basically, they are reliable, have a fantastic range, great quality with a high specification, competitively priced and offer a great aftercare service in the event it is need.

They are a Bristol based company, so local people. And they offer a 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty as standard. For a little extra this can be extended to 5 Years (direct with Caple themselves).

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