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Yate Kitchen Company

We are a local family run business which has been running for more than 30 years.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality products, competitive prices and good old fashioned friendly customer service.

Support 24/7

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Skilled workers

Our team take tremendous pride in their work

Top reputation

90% of our work is from recommendations

90% of our work is from recommendations and repeat customers coming back to us several years later, we like to think we offer a far superior and more personal service to that of what you would get from many of our competitors. We offer a very professional but happy laid back attitude so the whole process can be enjoyable with maybe a laugh along the way!

We have grown considerably over the years and always trying to keep moving things forward seeking to make improvements for our customers.

The entire team are extremely passionate and take tremendous pride in the work they do to make sure our customers are happy and we deliver the best possible results.

Please spare some time to read through our customer reviews which should provide you with the confidence and comfort of what we offer in helping you make the right decision.

What We Offer

We specialize in two main formats: Supply Only & Complete Supply & Fully Installed Package

Supply Only

Maybe you want to install the kitchen yourself or you know a fitter, whatever suits you…we are flexible and will accommodate most situations.

We will deliver all our cabinets PRE-ASSEMBLED which will save you labour costs and peace of mind also that no parts potentially could be missing, which often happens with flatpack.

We hold stock of many components in our warehouse, so therefore we can potentially accommodate a speedy delivery if time is of an essence though typically we run on a 6 week lead time depending on your requirements.

Holding stocks like we do offers the customer a fantastic backup, often in kitchens there are unforeseen issues which crop up and maybe i.e. a different size unit is required.. then in that case, its no problem we have it off the shelf so your fitting can carry on with little time lost.

Complete Supply and Fully Installed Package

Do you want to sit back and let someone do it all…..well here we go & all under ONE-ROOF!!

This format has been the main back-bone of our business from the start, to-date we have installed over 3000+ kitchens in the localised areas. Well experienced and very passionate fitters will turn up to your home, to carryout the works, there will not be any going off to other jobs part way through, they will be dedicated to you until completion has been achieved – we run a tight ship.. and endeavour to make things run like clockwork!

We aim for the highest quality standards, best possible workmanship and end result, so we are proud and more importantly you will be 100% satisfied.

Generally the process begins with yourselves visiting our showroom to get a feel for whats available and to see the quality of our products. We can then take details and arrange an appointment.

Kitchens these days have got a lot more complex, there’s a lot more involved than what they used to be and many different trades are required. We are ‘a One-Stop Shop’ offering the full service which a lot of our competitors don’t, we do it all from start to finish making your life as easy as possible! ….. You have to make the tea though!!!

Why Choose Us

We are a local family run business which has been running for more than 30 years.

With so many kitchen companies and kitchen types to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to purchase and from whom. We assure you that when you buy from us, you are buying a quality product that is built to last and provides excellent value for money, providing satisfaction and comfort from expects.

Here at YKC we like to be different from the others you will most probably visit along the way, offering you an unique and exclusive product, which will deliver you many added benefits some of which are durability, reliability, maximisation.

Innovative Designs

Many of our designs are protected so you won’t find anywhere else.

Over 30 Years experience

You can rest assured & have peace of mind that we are here to stay!

Over 200 styles

We have a huge range of kitchen door styles, from high fashion styles to traditional classics.

Creative Storage

Creative storage solutions and unusual unit widths or heights can be accommodated.

Wide Range of Price Points

We have such a large range of kitchens available, we have someting to suit all budgets.

Finest Quality

We only use the finest quaity produtcs, which means amazing value for money.

Our suppliers & business partners.